Top Smartphones in India under 20000Rs

Well, with the advance in technology the smartphone has arrived in the Indian market where you can play games, listen to music, watch movies and many other things can be done. Each day new kinds of smartphones are coming into the market with many updated features for attracting Indian customers with different brands. So, the customers will consider which smartphone can be suitable for them according to their needs and benefits. In case, if the customers are looking under decent then they can opt for the best phone under 20000 India. Below are the top smartphones in India under 20000Rs.

Realme XT

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Realme XT is the first smartphone in the Indian market where it has got the 64-megapixel sensor. This smartphone will offer similar kinds of designs like Realme 5 Pro but this uses Gorilla Glass 5 for the display screen. So, the smartphone is powered by a snapdragon 710 SoC which comes in 3 different Ram along with the storage variants.  Also, the battery capacity of this phone is 4000mAh which can last for the entire day on a single charge and also has the option of fast charging that can charge within 1 hour.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

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This phone is the updated version of Galaxy A50 which has a different designs compared to the previous model and most of the features will remain the same. The Galaxy A50s has a 6.4-inch full HD+ super AMOLED screen which is considered as the one the better features when the customers are opting for this phone. This smartphone has a 128 GB storage capacity with the 4GB and 6GB Ram Options. So, the Samsung Galaxy A50s is considered as the best phone under 20000 India and also comes up with the 4000 mAh Battery which gives good battery life and fast charging can be supported too.

Vivo V15 Pro

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The Vivo V15 Pro has the feature of pop-up camera design and offers a 6.53 inch full HD display. This smartphone is powered by the Octa-core Snapdragon 675 SoC that can handle daily tasks and games very smoothly. So, the phone has a battery of 4000mAh which last for one and a half day of full charge.

There are few other smartphones in the Indian market which has a good feature in various phone brands. However, the above smartphones are the best phone under 20000 India that could offer better specifications when it comes to the budget category. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the top smartphones in India under 20000Rs. Thanks for reading!

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