Free Download Software For Video Editing?

Video editing software has become very important because it helps video editors the ability to manipulate videos in the way they want it to be published. These manipulations are commonly known as effects and its main objective is to improve the visual outlook of videos.

Every video editor understands its importance but to master the art of video editing is something one needs to learn. Even if you are beginner or professional, effects can help you in making creative and amazing videos which will be helpful in your journey towards videography or cinematography.

In this article, we will explain the common effects used in video editing and also at the end of the topic we will make a list of free download software for video editing that you need to.

Top Video Editing Effects


This effect is used when a video requires a transition, so its min role is smoothing the transition when two clips are needed to join together.

Old Movie 

Old Movie as the name suggests gives the visual appearance of an old, rusty, dusty. If you want to create a video that you want to have a vintage look then you must use this effect and it can even cover dirty and shaky lens during filming.

Black & White

People still couldn’t get over the black and white effect even though colour movies are produced in masses. It has been found that black and white videos are seen as vintage and classic. If you are worried about the colour then this effect can fix it.

Fast Motion

Fast Motion effects can come really handy when you want to show the passage of time in your videos. Traffic and crowds are best suited for this effect.

Slow Motion

Slow Motion or Slow-Mo is a very common effect used these days. It can create a visual effect of slowing of time and can be used in important parts of a video.

The free download software for video editing



Power Director


Pinnacle Studios


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